Allegorithmic adds another layer of Paint

I like what Allegorithmic is doing over there with creative tools for 3D texturing. Before Allegorithmic came along, 3D artists had to wrestle with Photoshop to get the right look but now with true material painting and lossless down/up sampling we can point the focus on creativity.

When I heard that there was a new version, I jumped on it. (Well after I learned about the upgrade price for independent artists – $75)

Right now it’s just downloading but when I paint something up, I’ll toss it on Sketchfab to share with you all.


This is one of those games where the focus is not shooting, explosion and a complex leveling system. This game is about story. I really liked the pacing of this game, visuals and the voice acting.

I’d rate a 6.5 out of 10.


  • Story
  • Emersivenes
  • Dialog Choices
  • Emotional (I genially felt sad at the end)


  • Pick up and drop items feels too sloppy. i.e. Pick up a book, when done, throw it on the ground.
  • Buggy. I once had to reload the game because I had a rope stuck on my hand.
  • Invisible walls for no reason.

This game is not kid safe. It’s an adult game for all the good reasons. Please make more!