I have been passionate about bringing art and science together to better the human experience. I like to make great looking, meaningful applications that work well.

I had amazing opportunities early on. Back in 1991, I was given donated CRAY computing time to do 3D modeling. A process of hand coding vectors and sending them off over 14.4 modems. After a long delay, a 1MB pict file would screech and holler back and I was sold.

After high school, I attended UW-Stout for a BFA. Art was a skill set that lured me away from potentially lucrative careers in computer science or engineering. The idea of the storyteller, the dream, the impossible, captured my heart and never let go. I graduated with honors and I began to unite my love for technology and art in my career.

I pursued a career on the coast, but my love for the midwest and my family guided me back to Minnesota. Here I applied my skills in both computers and art as a developer and 3D Illustrator.

My last job, I worked in an agency for about 9 years where I wore lots of different hats … programming, designing, filming, editing, 3D modeling, UI, UX and so on.

This lead to a perfect set of skills to become an independent game developer.

Today, I am the founder of ThetaREZ, a virtual reality development studio, that launched “The Cosmotic Mission” and “Cosmotic Blast.”

The Cosmotic Mission on the Rift. Check it out

Cosmotic Blast on the Rift. Check it out!

Cosmotic Blast on the Quest. Check it out!