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  • Found Object Texture Study

    Found Object Texture Study

    I was walking around my office in North East Minneapolis when I saw this really cool metal object on the ground. It had all the characteristics of a good texture study subject.         Why such a great subject? The Shape It has a irregular shape that says it’s seen some hard times. […]

  • Allegorithmic adds another layer of Paint

    I like what Allegorithmic is doing over there with creative tools for 3D texturing. Before Allegorithmic came along, 3D artists had to wrestle with Photoshop to get the right look but now with true material painting and lossless down/up sampling we can point the focus on creativity. When I heard that there was a new version, I […]

  • Sketchfab and WordPress get embed

    I highly recommend Sketchfab. It’s a great way to show off your models on the web. Now you can embed Sketchfab links into wordpress. Magic.   Here is my first ever Sketchfab. Isn’t that cute. ahhh …