Found Object Texture Study

I was walking around my office in North East Minneapolis when I saw this really cool metal object on the ground. It had all the characteristics of a good texture study subject.








Why such a great subject?

The Shape

It has a irregular shape that says it’s seen some hard times. A shape that has crevasses that collect dirt and edges that get scraped and worn. Wavy and dented surface to catch light in interesting ways. Yet simple to model for a quick iteration.

The Textures

This subject has all the PBR loving 3D artist features. Painted metal that is worn down to raw steel with rust where rubbing can’t clean it off, micro scratches and dents all over and dirt in the crevasses. The underside has grease and a even distribution of rust with no paint to protect the metal. And one more thing, a decal in bright yellow denoting some purpose and importance to this object.

Let’s get started …

The Model


My goal was not to replicate the shape exactly, just get the feel of the form.


This is where all the magic happens.

I first nailed down the base painted metal look.


Then I added a layer of raw metal.


Using an effects mask I limited the raw metal to just the edges and a few other places.


I added dirt using a similar method as the raw metal and with a variation of the raw metal mask, I applied the rust too.


Then the final touch, the decal. (5 105)


Come checkout out my sketchfab of this study to see the underside of this object. See the different rust textures and a bit of grease added.

Ugh, I made all the textures a bit big so the download is large, sorry for the delay.


I hope you enjoyed seeing my process of doing a texture study. Please leave comments if you have any questions or comments.