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  • Portfolio

    Well hello there … I found out that fans, interested peeps, and future clients have been coming to this site to check out my work. Dang, I didn’t have much here. How about you go to where the magic is: or I think there is a lot of interesting stuff there but you […]

  • The Cosmotic Mission is on Early Access

    The Cosmotic Mission is on Early Access

    I’m excited to announce that The Cosmotic Mission is on the Oculus store under Early Access. Please come and check it out.

  • Untitled post 101

    The Kickstarter for “The Cosmotic Mission,” is live. I’ve been busy pulling that together. It has been a lot of work. Please support me and my Kickstarter. Thanks.

  • VR Master

    Here is a great break-down of some of the thought of Mike Alger on VR Interface:

  • Good talk on iterative level design

    I really like this video. I’m going to alter my fractal project management to have these stages.

  • Three most important VR requirements, high frame rate, high frame rate and high frame rate.

    Just when you think you’ve got a handle on VR and how to develop a decent game for it you come across some more information that blows your mind. So you say frame rate is important ehhhh …

  • Blocked off

    This Friday was a mix of blocking in some rough shapes for the environment and getting called into work. Above is an example of the model I modeled today.

  • I’ve got problems

    I see two big problems I have to overcome while working on my game, over designing the game and distractions. Over Designing I have already designed a game that would have been awesome if I had a crew of twenty to build it and, therefore, it quickly stalled. As a gamer, we know how deep and expansive games […]

  • Techno for show

    Here are some aspects of my independent game development project. Technologies: VR Global Illumination HDR Physics Simulation Reflection and Light probes Physically Based Rendering Programs using: Unity 5.3 (Game engine) Modo 801 (Modeling) Algorithmic Tools – Substance Painter 2.0, Bitmap2Material, etc (Texturing) Adobe Creative Suite (Textures, Video and Sound) Hardware: Mac 5k (wish I would have gotten […]

  • Game on!

    Game on!

    I have officially started working on my own independent game development project. The goal of this project is to learn by creating a fun VR game within the scope of an extremely small team of one. I’m guaranteed to learn a lot as I develop this from start to finish. Please let me pander for web traffic as […]