No one wants to read your stupid blog.

… just incase they do. Here it is, I know how these blogs go and this post is often the saddest and, most of the time, loneliness post ever. Here the blogger teases how awesome and content rich this blog is going to be.

The riveting categories of can’t-get-enough blog posts that I’m totally going to write:

  • Coding: Maybe I’ll write how to code or something.
  • Modeling: That’s 3d modeling, I’m not a model photographer nor that good looking. (Don’t tell my ego I wrote that. He’s fragile.)
  • Projects: I’m always doing something, maybe I’ll slow down my progress by taking photos and writing about it to share with total strangers.
  • Gaming: Since the most game bloggers are doing such a good, unbiased, job at reviewing games I might leave this category alone.
  • Politics and Religion: I’m really going to get all extreme and alienate my readers.
  • Cat Videos: Always cat videos.

By posting these I hope to guilt myself into actually writing them but I’m a coder, 3d artist and also a dad, writing is going to be like pulling teeth. Don’t hold your breath.