Author: Ian

  • Game on!

    Game on!

    I have officially started working on my own independent game development project. The goal of this project is to learn by creating a fun VR game within the scope of an extremely small team of one. I’m guaranteed to learn a lot as I develop this from start to finish. Please let me pander for web traffic as […]

  • Allegorithmic adds another layer of Paint

    I like what Allegorithmic is doing over there with creative tools for 3D texturing. Before Allegorithmic came along, 3D artists had to wrestle with Photoshop to get the right look but now with true material painting and lossless down/up sampling we can point the focus on creativity. When I heard that there was a new version, I […]

  • Firewatch

    This is one of those games where the focus is not shooting, explosion and a complex leveling system. This game is about story. I really liked the pacing of this game, visuals and the voice acting. I’d rate a 6.5 out of 10. Pro: Story Emersivenes Dialog Choices Emotional (I genially felt sad at the end) […]

  • Witness

    The game The Witness is a great puzzle game similar to Myst. Do you like Myst, beautiful games or games that are slow paced, get this game. This game is not an action packed game full of leveling and loot. I’d rate a 9 out of 10. Pro: Top notch graphics. I believe they made a custom […]

  • Sketchfab and WordPress get embed

    I highly recommend Sketchfab. It’s a great way to show off your models on the web. Now you can embed Sketchfab links into wordpress. Magic.   Here is my first ever Sketchfab. Isn’t that cute. ahhh …

  • Star Wars BattleFront: DLC In A Galaxy Far Far Away …

    I have loved Star Wars®†™ all my life. Basically when I was born so was Star Wars and we grow up together. We’ve had some good times and not so good times. Star Warsº§ Battlefront 3 for the PS4 is for sure apart of the good times. No time for in-depth review to build credibility that I […]

  • No one wants to read your stupid blog.

    … just incase they do. Here it is, I know how these blogs go and this post is often the saddest and, most of the time, loneliness post ever. Here the blogger teases how awesome and content rich this blog is going to be. The riveting categories of can’t-get-enough blog posts that I’m totally going to write: Coding: Maybe […]